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Demonic monday of much reminicent sorrow - The R4WR factor [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Demonic monday of much reminicent sorrow [May. 21st, 2007|03:08 pm]
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[Current Location |Tafe]
[mood |lonelyhorribly blargh]

oh hey lj of whom i never say hello to anymore 

Lets see how often i can write in here, eh? I'd like to get back into it, I miss it even. It reminds me of Mezooooo. Hi Mez, i know you will read this because you are a LJ whore. Or was. I dunno. Aw. Man. I miss you anyway. 

What a bad day.. well more of a bad attitude day. The day wasnt so bad. I was just miserable. Cant stop thinking about the weekend.

Worst. Weekend. Ever.

Lets just say.. Jack and I are now in a love triangle.
And i am quite the depressed. 
My boyfriend likes another girl
but as well as me o_O
oh lawd.
It's actually like.. the first time i have ever doubted his love for me, which is sad.. i don't want to doubt it for one second but its like a big ugly gaping hole in my heart. Oh its come back now that i am typing about it. Grr! I just have to not focus on it. :< 
I feel sorry for myself. 


But there was good news on that horrible weekend where I found out my bf pashed another chick,

I got a job! Yay!

I am working at Cotton On Kids. Which is apparently less strenuous than the regular Cotton On stores. I dont mind working in it. A lot of cute clothes! I also get 30% off at the regular stores so thats goodo.
There was only two of us working there, and i was brand new.. so.. woo! She went on a break, and i was in charge of the whole store for like 30 mins. It was exciting! But i hoped that nothing too bad was going to happen. But it didn't thank god. I can now do like everything on the till :D Which is an accomplishment because at Boost hannah didn't let me on the till until like.. idk.. 6 weeks into the job? 
But anyhoo, here's to hoping that this job is good! And can distract me from my love life!

Sigh, there is that hole again.


I think i might go home early from tafe, just because i can.

[User Picture]From: emilyflorence
2007-05-21 08:40 am (UTC)
Blah. Going to restrain myself again. But just so you know, I am thinking a billion things.
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[User Picture]From: procrastinating
2007-05-21 10:22 am (UTC)
I'm still an el jay whore. mmmhmmm!

0_o another girl?


*pelts you with floral things*

Freak. In midyyylatee june or July or something were freaking going somewhere and fREAkIng doing something. Damnit!
<3 Lurves for Joo!
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